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Ruben Möller

Video, animated series

WRONG, an episodic animated series broods on notions of masculinity. RUE, a cutout caricature, with a longing in his voice, pines through thoughts and experiences, struggling with issues between honesty and integrity.

RUE is self-aware as a drawing and hopes to find an audience to express himself through his own avatar. The series began with the idea that if all the rules of storytelling are abandoned, what result occurs with a character. Each episode demonstrates a WRONG trait for the quality of a man, so WRONG it leaves him as a sensitive and emotional grey sketch, without any definable motive, and the ideas he speaks of become melodramatic in a vulnerable way. The series asks if this is acceptable entertainment, or what could be called angst-ertainment... or is this just WRONG.

The EPISODES are to be scattered through a program of other video works, randomly performing at various times of day, contributing as a cryptic poem. The fragmentation of narrative can be experienced in any order.  The numbers become references for a viewer to collect.

I designed the poetics to interface with the YouTube format: Each poem can be seen as text in the description area, and other reference words are placed in the tag areas. Every aspect of the structure now common to the interactive experience of media entertainment is utilized in the WRONG way.

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The Artist

Rubén Möller

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