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Dominik Litwin

Video, 2:56 min

Sensitive sugar reactions, 

Simple sugars, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides dehydrate under the influence of concentrated sulfuric acid. The reaction is sensitive and the color lasts. The energy and movement of sucrose matter under the action of H2SO4 is released. Sulfuric acid has highly hygroscopic properties, which results in complete degradation of sugar molecules with the release of carbon and water. Each substance contains invisible movement instructions.

Movement is a drawing in space-time.

The body is memory.


The Artist

Dominik Litwin, born in Warsaw in 1996. He graduated bachelor's degree from the Intermedia Department at the University of Arts in Poznań. He is currently studying at the Städelschule in Frankfurt. His works have been shown at the exhibitions of the University of the Arts in Poznań, at Galeria Luka, the Pireus Culture Incubator, Centrum Amarant and during the Drawing Biennale in Wrocław. He was an intern at the CCA Ujazdowski Castle and the Culture Center Pavilion in Poznan. He has participated in many workshops combining various practices.

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