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stroke / sirens

Nicolas Constantin

(2016), 5 voice audio-visual composition, 3:41 min.


stroke / sirens is an audio-visual composition, increasingly polyphonic and subtly unsettling. An investigation in human conditions, a study about reclusion and intimacy, about senses and sensual movement, about media and mythology, using material from the profoundingly strange »asmr« (autonomous sensory meridian response) phenomenon videos around. Ominously alluring, yet ambiguously mellow at once, escalating literally towards a countdown. Strangely caressed by soft siren voices, you finally will be left behind lonely in darkness with a whispered, alarming adjudgement: »no, well, you don't know what's good for you, so...« and the seemingly promised words »i would never hurt you«suddenly transform in retrospect into the threat of a siren. Media and mythology blurred in a responsive, sensual way as horripilation unfolds.

The Artist

»The works of Nicolas Constantin are subtle and precise compositions. Offering space for considerations on various realms, always avoiding to be merely narrative, illustrative, documentary, abstract, conceptual or importunately fancy. Characterized through a well considered ambiguity, combined with a rigorously lucid composition.« 

Bataang*, art zine, issue 1, Berlin 2008

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