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Alves Ludovico

Perfume, Unique Piece

''Sulin'' is a 99,5% Insulin and 0,5% secret element made perfume. Insulin confines a very peculiar smell, this feature allows an approach on the condition from a different angle. 


This smell project uses the values and atmosphere present in the perfume industry, making a bridge between medical and perfumery world.


It Brings the diabetes condition to a sphere of discussion and understanding and raises questions on society values and economical monopolies. 


Nakedness is used as a marketing tool by perfume industry, ”Sulin” mimics this approach to normalize diabetes and other conditions that  need the use of nonbiological devices in a public sphere. 


''Sulin'' is concept hack of the famous perfume Fuel for life by Diesel. I took over a advertise and twisted it to convey the diabetic condition.

As a diabetic person, I would like to revindicate that insulin is my fuel for life and that smelling good might not make our life span longer.


The diabetic population would be the 3rd biggest nation in the world if all the diabetics people are to be gathered as one country. According with the Health Word Organization. The diseases affects 422 million people worldwide. In USA 9.4 % of the population have a  prevalence of diabetes.


The Artist

Founder of Studio Ludovico. He's currently pursuing an MA at Aalto University, Helsinki. Previous education includes, Oslo National Academy of Arts, Oslo and Évora University, Évora, Portugal. In 2017 held a solo exhibition at THIRD SPACE gallery Helsinki. Recent exhibitions include: EMOVEO, Movements in contemporary Design, Helsinki Design Museum, 2018; Objectified, CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea, 2018; Platform Nord, Kristiansand, Norway, 2017; RED” RED? RED!, Bassoradio's pop-up space, Helsinki Design Week, 2017; Ambiente Talent, MesseFrankfurt. Frankfurt, 2015 and Milan Design Week, 2013. In 2013 he was awarded the Hello Future 'ASIA AWARD Young Creators EX Prize' at Tokyo Designer ́s Week.

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