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cosmic sprout

Fabian Forban

Video, 1 min.

Humand kind being taken over by the organism of intelligence.

After proving to be to unreliable, intelligence is now moving on to machines in form of Artificial Intelligence and human kind is being left behind (in our momentary human interpretation of time) in the quantum multiverse where things don´t come and go, since there is no sequential arrangement of time according to the super-string-theory that takes at least 11 dimensions for granted in its set up. 


The Artist

The Munich based artist and photographer Fabian Forban is fascinated by astronomy, quantum physics and the super-string-theory. His artistic practice attempts to explore familiar and unfamiliar boundaries, as he believes in multiple dimensions and universes to which one can find access through art and meditation. 

He combines photography with digital effects, creating a new visual language. To him, observing unconventional insights and expressing these in an innovative manner are of utmost importance. He explores the latest codes, the enigmas of pictorial vernaculars and changing iconologies to create captivating videos and beguiling images. Forban’s semi-transparent and translucent layers can be scrutinised in his films and two dimensional works, they can be interpreted as an invitation through a journey of time, different realities, manifold dimensions and worlds.

Fabian Forban holds a Master of Arts in Communication and Art History from the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich. He worked as a journalist for Die Zeit, Brand Eins, Die Woche as managing editor for EGO, Internet World and as product manager of Pro7-Online and many more.

He has exhibited widely in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France and USA. His works are held in private collections in Germany, USA and the UK.

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