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Thiago Salas, Talita Florêncio 

Video, 5:18 min

According to mythology, unicorns are beings possessing magical and miraculous powers. Your horn and your blood are considered the most important layers of your body, because both would be able to prolong life or save someone who is near death. These fantastic animals would have the power to purify all things, bringing life and light to what was death and darkness in days gone by.


In the progressive accumulation of random objects attached to the face, we show the transformation of the identity established by the symbolic positioning to a transient contour flow. Faced with this cumulative fusion, subject and object blur their meanings giving rise to an unspeakable hybrid, extending the body into a non-utilitarian technology. The title of the work refers to the homonymous work of Rebecca Horn.



Project carried out with funding from the Cultural Actions Program of the Culture Secretariat of the State of São Paulo, Brazil.


The Artists

TALITA FLORÊNCIO graduated in dance from the State University of Campinas and acts as a performer, researcher in dance and art technology. In his works, he has developed correlation strategies between the body and other languages; especially the sound and the visual arts, and has focused on the design, improvisation and development of electronic and digital media and technologies in artistic creation. In 2013 she was awarded by the New Choreographers New Creations - Site Specific of São Paulo Cultural Center with the project 'Position of Risk', with Marina Matheus and Marcus Braga, researching the relations between body and drawing. It was awarded by the Cultural Action Program ProAC Artes Integradas 2015, alongside the artist Thiago Salas, with the purpose of conducting research on creative strategies between improvisation, dance and sound art. She is the creator of the multimedia creation platform ATP.LAB.


THIAGO SALAS is a graduate of the Federal University of São Carlos and a master's degree in sonology from the University of São Paulo. With experience in experimental music and sound art, he develops research related to technology and the interaction between sound and other languages and artistic expressions, collaborating in projects with dance, theater, performance and visual art artists. Performed composition of soundtracks and musical direction next to the Dance and Theater companies. He works in the field of experimental luteria and musical improvisation. It works together with the APT.LAB platform in compositions and performances that integrate technologies of acoustic, mechanical, electronic and digital nature.

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