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Petr Strouhal

Digital photography, 2018 (8x)

Elongating, shortening, magnifying, cutting, rotating, deforming. Image without text. Text with image. Strange 3D space. We do not even know where we are. The world is spinning. Things are simplifying. Everything is faster. We are surrounded by technology. And the more we use it, the less we care about what is true and what is not.

The project is based on a realistic view of >>>things<<< in the age of technology. I am interested in their influence and their effect if they were to show up in different shape and place. For this process, I use scanning technology. This is not a 3D scan. The camera is made from an office scanner. In one digital image, it can authentically record the changes that occur before the lens, like shifts, rotations, shortening, lengthening, etc. With this feature, I can reveal things or information that have been stored or created accidentally, in a controlled way.


The Artist

Petr Strouhal
Czech, based in Prague, Czech Republic

After studying painting and multimedia, Petr Strouhal has been devoted to experimenting with photographic images and producing his own photographic equipment. In his earlier work, it is often possible to trace a combination of photographs and drawings, such as projections of drawings directly on photographic compositions. An important aspect of Strouhal‘s current work concerns with image manipulation without the use of graphics programs.


USPS/Polansky Gallery (CZ), Divadlo statického objektu 4 „Fotoscénika“ /Divadlo Minor (CZ) , Theory of Ghost/Art Düsseldorf (DE), Heavier than a death in the family/InCase.4-Intercession Gallery (UK), Theory of Ghost/TIC Gallery (CZ), On an Egg/Gallery 17/18 (CA), So That Black Would be Black/Měsíc


Gallery(CZ), Landscape at the End of Time/National Gallery Perla (CZ), Hands/TIC Gallery (CZ), 25 miliónů čar/City Gallery Blansko(CZ), Untitled 2/Fotograf Gallery (CZ), Untitled/ Ferdinand Baumann Gallery (CZ), 6600/TIC Gallery (CZ), Prague Biennale 6(CZ), Endoambivalenz Weihnachten/Kwadrat Gallery(DE)(CZ), Blind Love /Polansky Gallery(CZ), The Sea Through Which We All Sail /Gallery Chodovská tvrz(CZ), Circulo de Bellas Artes de Tenerife(IC), 6 Biennial of Young Artists/City Gallery(CZ), A kdy uprší ten druhej den, Element F/Moravian Gallery (CZ), She's sexy. She's hot. She's not mine/Berlinskej model(CZ), NoD Gallery(CZ), The Collectors:Live Re-Edit/The House of Arts(CZ), Photographic Slides in the Era of Homemade Media/Školská 28 Gallery(CZ), B-MOVIE /Czech Centre(RO), GRID 2010/City Amsterdam(NL), The Crypt/St Pancras Church(UK), Stars/Brno Gallery(CZ), Less than little lullaby/Organ Gallery(CI), Language without words/ Startart Gallery(IS), Siberia film night I-II/Gone Tomorrow Gallery(UK), 28/ Etc Gallery(CZ), Things are not what they seem/Polvo Gallery(US), The 4th Youth Saloon/The House of Arts(CZ), Eastern Alliance 3 / Teledivision Show/MNAC Bucharest and Kishiniev(RO)(BG), Contemporary Czech Art of Moving Images 2/Bio Světozor(CZ), Play-time/Entrance Gallery(CZ), Videobus/C2C(CZ), Loops/Brunswiker pavillon(DE), 5 Biennial of Young Artists/City Gallery(CZ), Good News. A Spelling-Book/MoravianGallery(CZ), Karaoke/Vysočina County Gallery(CZ), 27/Eskort Gallery(CZ), Animatricks/Futura Gallery(CZ), It‘s a question of Lust/Gallery G99, Display Gallery(CZ), Young flesh/City Gallery(CZ)

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