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Lukasz Horbow

Audio, 3’24’’

This work highlights the nationalist behaviours that underpin the functioning of nations based on signs, history and culture. This work deals with an element that relates simultaneously to all these aspects, namely the anthem. The anthem I am creating here is composed from the anthems of the ten most populous countries in Europe.


In spite of the overlapping of so many works, one can still hear in them their aggressive behaviour. Unfortunately, the anthems probably do not refer at all to unity and friendship with other countries, but to emphasising their superiority over others. This work raises the question of how much nationalist behaviour and aggression are at the heart of civic education, while at the same time calling for an inter-state community in same time I create anthem for more than 647 million people.

Presented at:
2019 ​Three plagues i​n Labirynt Gallery curated by Magdalena Linkowska


The Artist

Born in 1995, he lives and works in Warsaw. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where he studied New Media. His artistic practice focuses on the relationship between security and danger - including politics, economics, social life, family and body. He explores the past and the present by showing the relations between control and power, transforming gestures and his own history into new scripts, giving them a universal quality. Łukasz uses his own environment to show the anxiety and tension caused by the control of the environment.

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