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Magda Magdy

In her debut video poem, the artist investigates homesickness, homelessness and the state of being stuck in an ephemeral in-betweenness.


Houses morph. Houses do not define who you are. Houses change all the time, so do we. We are in a state of constant flux. How can one find a proper or suitable representation of this fleeting state?


By turning the camera inwards, Magda examines the idiosyncrasies of living on the margins of time and space. She imagines herself as an object, a fleeting ghost, a spectral presence with a portal into different worlds, dimensions and states of consciousness.

The Artist

Magda Magdy is a writer, video artist and cultural worker. She was born in Kuwait (1990), studied English Literature in Alexandria and is currently based in Austria. She’s been involved with site-specific projects like Mahmoud Khaled's two day happening in Alexandria “Postponed Dates on a Disappearing Coast” as an assistant curator and performer, and with “Speak History” collective, an alternative history re-telling workshop as a researcher. Currently, she began her first semester as an MA student of Media Arts and Cultures at Danube University in Krems, Austria. 

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