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Alicia Shahaf

Listen to me. 

In search of true love, I get to this place. It is so wrong.

The loops deal with movement. Movement in different spaces, a movement that peeps out of windows, sometime hides and sometime is revealed in the branches of the trees.

It's a simple, submissive gesture. It exists in the spaces between the breath of the here and now.

I create a world composed of moments and images that do not exist in reality.

The Artist

"An artist, a teacher, a photographer, story teller


I love stories: Life stories, questions of human mental sanity boundaries, cultural identity and gender identity, memory and how them affect life stories.

My family history makes me want to explore and touch an exposed nerve. Memories, words, pain, and love. The narrative of the images I create range from private to general, between the intimate and personal to political and social.

My cultural space was created from the inside and from the ongoing movement – between countries and languages, and from the dialogues with creators from different artistic disciplines.

Each series of works begin with an idea, when photography is a visual basis. 

From there I go off on a long artistic language search of the correct and accurate for all series: photography, manipulated photography, photo sequence, motion photography, text and sound".

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