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at region (X)

Nada Hasan 

(2016), Video 12:05 min.


Room At Region (X) is an experimental video work by Nada Hassan done in Collaboration with Center of Applied Human rights (CAHR) in University of York - London. The video script and concept is a fictional adaptation based on anonymous testimonials of human rights defenders taken from the research project Navigating Risk, Managing Security and Receiving support. Which focuses on the experience of human rights defenders at risk and activists and political prisoners who were physically and psychologically tortured and suffered from living under intensive surveillance system. The voices and interviews mainly focused on five countries, Egypt, Kenya, Mexico, Colombia and Indonesia from the different background, gender, and sexual identities.

Room At Region (X) theoretically and visually tackling the concept of Space, both in it’s physical and virtual meaning. Starting from the universe is a space, this a fact, also our home, street, prison cell, life, body is a space, a “room” of space where our souls and mind are floating in it. Each space or room has its own laws and power dynamics. We are in the mind of a woman, who are experiencing a post-traumatic response after being physically isolated in a solitary confinement cell. In a rush of emotions, with subtle ironic anger, through a directional spoken monologue, she expresses exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed. She rediscovers the paradoxical meanings of fear and courage, security and insecurity, love and isolation. 

The Artist

Nada Hasan, video and visual artist and emerging animator from Southern Egypt and based in Cairo. As well as feminist and human rights worker concerned about gender and sexual diversities rights. BA degree holder Faculty of Languages, Russian language department, Ain Shams University. 

As a black queer woman and artist, Nada has started by the year 2007 her activism in human rights and advocating towards sexual and gender diversities rights out of her background as a filmmaker. Has worked with feminist organizations in Egypt at many positions. Nada is devoting her time now totally to exploring and experimenting new expressive artistic mediums, exploring media arts and digital technology artistic means.

Nada has screened her films and participated in numbers of local and international exhibitions and festivals.

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