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Salim Salameh

2017. Experimental film, 4:18 min.


Zipper, follow the space and stuff it into another pair of trousers, it will help you get rid of excess weight. And that bag of dreams you carry on your back? It will make space for you to fill it with something else. 

Button, your bag is not convinced with this new equation, it is trying to defeat you by insisting on not accepting all that is new. But you own it! You have the right to go again. Don't ponder about how much the bag could take in, when the ability of in-taking time is still increasing.

Trousers, a new pair of trousers, not necessarily less worn out, but definitely heavier. This means your bag has ample space for time, and so you will begin to follow the new rule. 

Zipper, button, button, zipper, trousers, new trousers, brand new trousers.

Button is a short experimental film reflecting society layers and how a person deals with them. "Button" is a reflection of our society that diminishes the idea of an individual. We keep on adding layers in order to fit or to please the already existing image. 

Co-Writer: Yazan Sitabouha

Performer: Husni Khalil


The Artist

Salim Salameh is a filmmaker, writer and photographer. His work engages with moments in everyday life while exploring questions around gender, religion, social restrictions, and interpersonal relationships. His short film “12 Centimeters” won the jury prize in the Franco-Arab Film Festival in Jordan in 2015. He also wrote and directed “To Widad”, a short documentary film about his relationship with his adoptive mother. Salim earned his Bachelor's degree in Digital filmmaking at SAE Institute/Middlesex University and now he is doing his online post graduate studies "Professional Practice MA/MSc (Creative Media Industries)" at SAE Institute UK..


سَحّاب ، إلحق بالفراغ وإحشره ببنطال آخر، سوف يساعدك بالتخلص من الوزن الناقص، وحقيبة الأحلام التي ترتديها على ظهرك، سوف يتسع بها فراغ لتملأهُ بشيء آخر.

زِر، لم تقتنع حقيبتك بالمعادلة الجديدة، تحاول ان تتغلب عليك بإصرارها على عدم ابتلاع كل ما هو جديد. ولكنّك تملكها! لك الحق بمحاولة أُخرى، لا تجعل الفكرة تتمحور على قدرة استيعابها في حال ان قدرة استيعاب الوقت ما زالت في تزايد.

بنطال، بنطال جديد، ليس بالضرورة أقل خراباً، ولكن بالتأكيد أكثر وزناً. ذلك يعني ان حقيبتك فيها متّسع من الزمن، إذاً أنت سوف تبدأ بإتباع القاعدة الجديدة.

سَحّاب، زِر، زِر، سَحّاب، بنطال، بنطال جديد، بنطال جديد كُليّاً.

الشخصية: حسني خليل
فكرة: يزن ست أبوها و سليم سلامه

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